Stakeholders Meeting of the Belgian Development Cooperation

6th Stakeholders Meeting of the Belgian Development Cooperation

The Post 2015 Development Framework: Issues, Challenges, Opportunities

Tuesday 7 May, Egmont Palace, Brussels

The central theme of this year's Stakeholders Meeting was the Post 2015 Development Framework. In September 2013 the United Nations General Assembly will take stock of the efforts made to achieve the MDGs, discuss ways to improve the current framework and start exchanging views on the post-2015 framework. If the new framework can be successfully defined and later adopted, it is expected to serve as the major reference for political and operational activities in the development field and beyond for the foreseeable future.

It will be a major challenge to integrate the post-2015 development agenda, the various aspects of Rio+20 (including climate change and biodiversity) and the Financing for Development process. Equally challenging will be to find common ground for defining a framework that would appeal to all countries, developed and developing countries. The new framework should provide an answer to eradicate poverty as well as ensuring a sustainable development.

Minister Labille en prinses Mathilde

The sixth edition of the Stakeholders Meeting served as a platform of exchange and dialogue between the participants on these issues and fostered a common understanding of the development agenda of the coming years. It provided a space for analyses and proposals of international and non-governmental actors on how to arrive at an ambitious new development framework in the post 2015 era.

The morning plenary session widely addressed this theme: its issues, challenges and opportunities.

The afternoon was organised around three parallel workshops:

  • A common framework for Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's);
  • Options for the mobilization of financial resources for the post 2015 development agenda beyond aid;
  • Inequality as a key transversal dimension of the new framework.

The meeting was concluded with a situation report of the Belgian Framework for Policy Coherence for Development.

The Stakeholders Meeting of the Belgian Development Cooperation is an annual forum that brings together policy makers, governmental actors, civil society, politicians and the universities. It serves as a source of information on international challenges that development cooperation faces, it examines political and organisational policy aspects relating to the Belgian context, and provides suggestions for the Belgian Development Cooperation. Preparation and organisation are carried out by the Directorate general for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD) and representatives from the regional authorities, NGOs, unions and universities.

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