Stakeholders Meeting of the Belgian Development Cooperation

The Stakeholders Meeting of the Belgian Development Cooperation is an annual forum that brings together political leaders, governmental actors, civil society, universities and scientific institutes. This event has a dual objective. Firstly, it serves as a source of information on international challenges that development cooperation faces. Secondly, it examines political and organisational policy aspects relating to the Belgian context, and provides suggestions for the Belgian Development Cooperation. In doing so, it also seeks to stimulate policy coherence for development.

7th Stakeholders Meeting of the Belgian Development Cooperation - 6 May 2014

The seventh Stakeholders Meeting of Belgian Development Cooperation took place at the Egmont Palace in Brussels on 6 May 2014. The theme of this year’s meeting was the Belgian Development Cooperation and the Great Lakes region in Africa.

This edition of the Stakeholders Meeting has served as an opportunity to take stock of the main challenges of the Great Lakes region. It served as a platform of exchange and dialogue between Belgian actors on these issues and foster a common understanding of how to work and make progress in the fragile context of the Great Lakes region. The Stakeholders Meeting also provided a space to articulate and listen to the analyses and proposals of international actors and non-governmental actors.

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