Application for a passport

Do you live abroad and have a question about services and documents for Belgians abroad? Then please first consult the website of the local Belgian embassy or consulate. This website will provide answers taking into account how things work in the particular country where you are living. If you still have a question, then please contact the embassy or consulate directly. Website and contact details for the embassies and consulates are displayed on this page.

Belgian citizens residing in Belgium who are registered with a municipality, can request a passport from their municipality.

Belgian citizens residing abroad who are registered with the Belgian embassy or consulate competent for their place of residence, can request a passport from their embassy or consulate. If they wish to lodge their application with another Belgian embassy or consulate or with a provincial passport administration when transiting the Belgian territory, prior authorization from their embassy or consulate is required. For further information, we refer to the section Other possibilities.

Belgian citizens who are registered neither with a Belgian municipality nor with a Belgian embassy or consulate, cannot apply for an ordinary passport. Only in certain cases of emergency, they will be granted a provisional passport.