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Zur Optimierung seiner Dienstleistung hat der FOD Auswärtige Angelegenheiten, Aubenhandel und Entwicklungzusammenarbeit eine Meldestelle für Beschwerdebearbeitung errichtet.  Wenn Sie mit der Vorgehensweise des FOD Auswärtige Angelegenheiten, Aubenhandel und Entwicklungzusammenarbeit nicht zufrieden sind, können Sie es über diese Meldestelle wissen lassen.


Handling of your complaint

Your complaint is registered with a central complaints desk;

  • Within 30 workdays following the receipt of your complaint, you will receive a substantiated answer.
    These are the possible answers:
    - Your complaint is admissible;
    - Your complaint is inadmissible;
    - Your complaint is admissible and founded;
    - Your complaint is admissible and unfounded;
  • Your complaint will then be considered as dealt with.

Admissible complaints

The FPS Foreign Affairs examines all the complaints concerning its acts, its functioning or its services.

You thus can lodge a complaint in case you are dissatisfied with:

  • the services of the FPS Foreign Affairs or of an embassy or diplomatic mission abroad;
  • the functioning of a department, embassy or diplomatic mission;
  • the conduct or an act of a public servant of the FPS Foreign Affairs.

Examples of admissible complaints

  • Your question has not been answered;
  • The information you were provided with is incomplete;
  • You are not satisfied with the way in which you have been addressed;
  • You believe that the regulation has not been correctly implemented in your case and that your request for more information has not been dealt with appropriately;
  • You are dissatisfied with the period of reply.

Examples of inadmissible complaints

The following complaints will not be examined:

  • Anonymous complaints;
  • Verbal complaints;
  • Complaints concerning issues which do not fall under the competence of the FPS Foreign Affairs;
  • General complaints which are not clearly defined;
  • Complaints concerning the overall regulation;
  • Complaints concerning facts going back more than a year;
  • Complaints which already are the subject of legal proceedings or which still can become the subject of an appeal;
  • Complaints which have already been lodged with the federal ombudsman;
  • Complaints which have previously been dealt with or which are under consideration.

If you are not satisfied with our answer, you can submit a complaint to the federal Ombudsman:

Federal Ombudsman
Rue de Louvain / Leuvenseweg 48 bte 6
1000 Brussels
Tel 0800 99 962 (free number)


I. Your personal data

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II. Exact description of the problem

3. Department of the FPS Foreign Affairs to which the complaint refers:

1. The department comes under the Central Administration in Brussels...
2. The department is a diplomatic mission abroad

The FPS Foreign Affairs will attend to your complaint and will send you an answer as soon as possible.