Didier Reynders launches new website: Focus on Belgium

Focus on Belgium

Today, in his opening address of the diplomatic days, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders has launched a new website: Focus on Belgium. As indicated in the baseline ‘people, stories, facts and figures’, this new site is meant to highlight our country’s strengths in numerous areas, e.g. our creativity, diversity, new talents and established values, developments and possibilities.

To achieve this, not only the articles – forming the main part of the site – but also a variety of events and well-known Belgians are brought to the visitor’s attention. Besides, all kinds of petty facts about Belgium or about Belgian achievements can be found under the heading  ‘did you know?’. Finally, the website contains statistical information about Belgium, a photo gallery as well as a film section.

The new website is part of the FPS Foreign Affairs’ strategy to further develop its public diplomacy. It is meant to support our Embassies and Consulates abroad in their promotion of Belgium, as well as to inform the general public on what’s happening in Belgium and what our country has to offer in several respects. On this trilingual website (in Dutch, French and English), new items will be published every week, which can also be shared via social media.

Yet, this new site is only a starting point. In time, the FPS will use it for drawing up a Focus on Belgium newsletter our missions abroad can use in their communication.

All institutions, organizations and persons who have news or information that could be suitable for Focus on Belgium, can contribute to the site by sending a text, photographs and/or pictures to focusonbelgium@diplobel.fed.be.