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15 May
Press release

An international campaign for women's and girls' rights, a partnership with the private sector on sustainable chocolate, hackathons in the South and innovation in humanitarian aid. These are a few highlights of the 2018 annual report of the Belgian Development Cooperation published today. 

16 May
Press release

In its annual report 2016, published today, the Belgian Development Cooperation highlights some new accents of the Belgian development policy, a whole range of results and activities as well as the distribution of budgetary resources. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation Alexander De Croo emphasizes the renewal of our international development policy. A renewal that he wants to pursue in the next few years, including in the field of digitalisation, the link between the private sector and the development world, and our humanitarian efforts. 

16 Mar
Press release

The Annual report on the events in 2016 of the FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign trade and Development Cooperation gives an insight into the changes in Belgium, the world and our own department. According to Secretary-General Dirk Achten, the FPS quickly adapts whenever necessary but remains faithful to the principles and values that our country has been defending and promoting for decades.