Services and structure

The central board of the FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation consists of six Directorates-General and five Staff Directorates and Directorates.

Budget and Management Control Support Directorate (B&B)

The Budget and Management Control Support Directorate is in charge of the budgetary and financial management of our FPS, both in Belgium and abroad. In addition, it also provides for the organisation and monitoring of the internal control system.
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The Budget and Management Control Management Support Directorate has four core functions.

It is responsible for budget support and information in the budget area which should enable the management of the Department to:

  • make strategic choices with regard to its projects and priorities; 
  • analyse the risks associated with the various strategies; 
  • provide effective planning of the Department's actions in the short and medium term;
  • obtain the necessary resources from the government so that it can implement its strategy.

In addition, it provides the tools for the management control which should enable the Department's management to:

  • monitor the evaluation of its effective commitments and expenditures; 
  • take the required corrective measures;
  • account for the quality of its management;
  • provide a solid basis for internal control.

It is also responsible for the day-to-day management of the Department's accounts and financial resources in order to:

  • carry out the obligations of the Department intra and extra muros;
  • provide effective support to the posts with respect to their accounting and financial activities.

Finally, it takes care of the Department's missions, such as trips and relocations


The Directorate and Secretariat (B&B0) is responsible for the entire budget, management control and accounting of the FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. In addition, it prepares the scoreboards for the General Directorates and Support Directorates.

Budget and Controlling (B&B1) is responsible for:

  • the preparation, authorisation, follow-up and accounting of the budget of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation; 
  • the preparation of budget reporting for both their own FPS and the FPS Budget; 
  • maintaining contacts with the Inspectorate of Finance and the Court of Audit; 
  • monitoring the established rights.

Risk Management (B&B2) is responsible for organising and monitoring the internal control system within the FPS.

Travel and Relocation (B&B3) is responsible for:

  • managing both the trips from and to Brussels, as well as those outside the jurisdiction for the whole of the FPS;
  • managing the removals involved.

Management of Posts (B&B4) is responsible for:

  • monitoring and controlling the accounting of all the posts; 
  • managing financial autonomy from a budgetary standpoint; 
  • maintaining contact with the Court of Audit regarding the accounting of the posts.

Public procurement (B&B5)