Services and structure

The central board of the FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation consists of six Directorates-General and six Staff Directorates and Directorates.

Directorate-General for Consular Affairs (DGC)

The Directorate-General for Consular Affairs (DGC) provides support and guidance to Belgium's consular sections abroad.
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The Directorate-General for Consular Affairs (DGC) provides support and guidance to Belgium's consulate-general and foreign consuls. These sections

  1. act as a 'town hall' for Belgians living abroad with regard to all issues regarding nationality, civil status, notarial deeds, legalisations, passports, identity cards and elections; 
  2. provide assistance to compatriots who have run into difficulties abroad: tourists, Belgians in captivity, child abduction, etc.;
  3. issue visas to foreigners who want to travel to or settle in Belgium.

The Directorate-General of Consular Affairs also supports individuals requesting information and assistance in Belgium on consular matters for which it is responsible. It is also in contact with the Belgian authorities related to its field of activity (Justice, Interior, Municipalities, Regions and Communities).



In addition to horizontal coordination, the Directorate-General of Consular Affairs consists of four directorates:

  1. the first directorate: "Emergency assistance and judicial matters" consists of the services "Assistance to Belgians", "International judicial cooperation" and "European consular cooperation"
  2. the second directorate: "Travel and identity documents" consists of the services "Logistics and international standards", "Individual files & national regulations" and "Monitoring"
  3. the third directorate: "Law of persons" consists of the departments "Nationality", "Family law and civil status", "Notary public", "Population and electoral affairs" and "Legalisation and combating documentary fraud"
  4. the fourth directorate: "Visa" consists of the "Projects" unit and the "Regulatory", "Individual dossiers" and "Monitoring" departments



For information on consular matters, please call +32 (0)2 501 32 00 from Monday to Friday during office hours.