Services and structure

The central board of the FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation consists of six Directorates-General and six Staff Directorates and Directorates.

Staff Directorate for Personnel and Organisation (P&O)

The Staff Directorate for Personnel and Organisation's core task is to provide guidance and support on personnel and organisation within the framework of the FPS's management objectives.
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Primarily, this task implies the continuous updating of the human resources policy (regulations, recruitment, training and apprenticeship, competence development, well-being at work) with a particular focus on diversity.

Secondly, it involves ensuring the use of the resources necessary for an appropriate evolution in terms of organisation and logistical support (management of buildings in Belgium and abroad).

To this end, it is necessary to take into account the specific characteristics of our FPS, which are related to two important aspects of its internal organisation. On the one hand, two-thirds of the total staff (of more than 3,400 officials) work abroad in very different statuses (foreign-service careers, expatriate contract workers and locally recruited contractors) and with frequent job rotation. On the other hand, there is the management of more than 300 buildings abroad that are leased or owned.

The Staff Directorate P&O includes 5 pillars:

  • P&O 1: Strategy, Coordination & Support to the Organisation
  • P&O 2: Competency Management & Career Counselling
  • P&O 3: Financial & Administrative Management of Personnel
  • P&O 4: Welfare
  • P&O 5: Management of Buildings & Patrimony