Generic Training Civilian Crisismanagement - Call for applications


The EU has several tools at its disposal for the implementation of its Foreign Policy (known as the Common Foreign and Security Policy or PESC). The Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP) is one of these tools.

Since 2003 the EU has conducted in the CSDP-framework, 21 civilian crisis management missions in various unstable crisis area’s worldwide. At present, 9 civilian EU-missions are ongoing in which approximately 50 Belgian experts are deployed.

Although this concept of civilian crisismanagement (1) was first developed by the EU other international organisations like UN, OSCE and (to a limited extent) NATO have also established missions with a civilian crisismanagement mandate.

Every year approximately 30 Belgian experts are deployed/seconded in one of these missions. Because a good preparation is considered essential for a rapid and efficient deployment in a mission, Egmont Institute organises twice a year, on request of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, a generic training on civilian crisismanagement.

Basic Generic Training

The BGT training on Civilian Crisis Management (CCM) is a two-week course offering a general introduction and preparation for possible employment in a CCM mission of the EU, UN, OSCE. It is a pre-requisite for any civilian expert being seconded to a field mission.

This integrated training is organized twice a year jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Egmont Institute, with the support of the Belgian Federal Police and the Ministry of Justice and is in line with EU training standards.

Course content: 
The course addresses most of the important elements related to civilian crisis management and a mission’s environment. It will offer a ‘tool box’ to the participants to prepare them for a swift and operational deployment in a mission. The course provides basic skills and knowledge required whatever the specific expert function they will have to take on.

Methodological approach:
It is a participatory course including group work, interactive exercises, role plays as well as preparatory reading.

Target Group:
Professionals with a relevant educational and professional background (2). Women are especially encouraged to put forward their candidacy.

It should be noted in this respect that the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Police have their own selection procedure for candidates.

Selection criteria:
The course is open mainly to Belgian participants, but nationals from other EU Member States are also accepted. The training is delivered in English, as most of the CSDP missions are conducted in this language. Besides an interview to test the motivation and knowledge of the candidate, an English test is also part of the selection procedure.

Applicants must :

  • Be ready to be deployed in CCM missions for a minimum of 1 year
  • Have an educational and professional background suitable for civilian crisis management missions (3)
  • Have relevant work experience of at least 3 years
  • Be proficient in English

Important information:
The BGT is an intensive training and does not allow for other commitments during the course. Selected participants must also complete some pre-course tasks.

Successful completion of the training does not automatically provide for a secondment to a civilian crisis management mission.

The total number of participants is limited. We reserve the right to select the candidates who best fit the following criteria:

  • Diversification of professions and equal gender representation
  • Structure of the missions’ and international organizations’ needs
  • Professional experience, level of English knowledge and diversification of knowledge and skills




(1) Civilian Crisis Management

(2) E.g. legal/human rights, police, justice, customs, press and communication, political advisor, reporting, financial management, procurement, logistics, ict, human ressources.

(3) See this website.