Belgian passport

On this page you will find all the information about the Belgian passport.

When should you renew your passport?

On this page you will find all the information you need to renew your Belgian passport.
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If you already have a passport, it is not possible to prolong its length of validity (set at 7 years, 5 years for minors). When it is no longer valid, you must apply for a new one if you need it.

A passport remains valid after moving (whether in Belgium or to or from overseas).

A passport is no longer valid:

  • After its expiry dateAttention: certain countries require the passport to be valid several months (often 6 months) after the end of your stay. Therefore, always check the conditions for accessing your destination country at its consular representation in Belgium (or in your country of residence) well before departure.
  • If the photo in your passport no longer looks like you. Therefore, you must be particularly careful if it is a passport for a child that was obtained when very young.
  • If you have reported your passport lost or stolen (DocStop, municipality, police or consular post) and you have found it in the meantime.

All the pages in your passport have been used?

In theory, a passport with all its pages used (visas, entry or exit stamps) remains valid until its expiry date. However, if you are planning to travel outside of the Schengen Area or the European Union (which does not require stamps), we strongly recommend that you apply for a new passport.

In practice, you may experience difficulties in countries which require empty pages for a visa or a stamp.

Worth knowing: a standard passport contains 32 pages. If you travel a great deal, you can opt for a 64-page passport (surplus charge). This means that you have to go to your municipality or consular post less often to renew it.