Identity card for Belgians living abroad

On this page you will find all the information about the identity card for Belgians abroad.

The identity card for children younger than 12 (Kids-ID)

On this page you will find all the information about the identity card for children Kids-ID.
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This page contains general information posted by the FPS Foreign Affairs. If you are residing abroad, please verify in this list whether your embassy or consulate has posted specific information for your place of residence on its website.

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Since 1 October 2015, Belgian children younger than 12 living abroad can obtain a Kids-ID at the Belgian career post that has listed them in its population register.

1. Validity of a Kids-ID

A Kids-ID has a validity of 3 years, even in case you move (to another career post or from or to Belgium).

The eID is no longer valid:

  • if it is reported to have been lost or stolen
  • if the holder’s photo is no longer resemblant
  • if it was issued after August 2008 by a Belgian municipality and if the holder has not reported his move abroad to the municipal administration

2. How much does a Kids-ID cost?

Kids-ID costs 10 €.

3. Where and how to apply for a Kids-ID?

From 21 June 2021, you and your child will need to come in person to your consulate by appointment for a Kids-ID (if your child is 6 years old or older).

  • Your child is 6 years old or older, or you (= parent and child) want to apply for the Kids-ID at the consulate's office:
    To do so, send or email the following appointment form (Dutch (PDF, 132.49 KB) - French (PDF, 135.88 KB) - German (PDF, 147.8 KB)) for your Kids-ID to your consulate. 
    Don't forget to pay the 10€ fee for the Kids-ID, plus shipping costs if applicable, after making an appointment. See the website or contact your consulate.
  • Your child is younger than 6 years old and you request a Kids-ID by letter:
    To do this, send or e-mail the following application form  (Dutch (PDF, 204.62 KB) - French (PDF, 211.07 KB) - German (PDF, 228.31 KB)) for your eID to your consulate. 
    Do not forget to pay the 10€ fee for the Kids-ID, plus shipping costs if applicable. See the website or contact your consulate.

From 21 June 2021, you can ask for your Kids-ID from (1) the Belgian municipality where you were last registered, (2) your Belgian municipality of birth if you have never lived in Belgium but were born there, or (3) a Belgian municipality of your choice if you have never lived in Belgium and were not born there. 

This is slightly more expensive (around 100 euros, the price varies slightly from one commune to another). The card and the PUK code will then be delivered to the municipality at the latest 2 working days later, and you can activate the card immediately at the municipality.

The application for a Kids-ID in a Belgian municipality requires the presence of both parents - this is the only way to ensure that the parental authority legislation of the country in which the Belgian child lives is respected.

4. Service “Hello parents”

The phone number mentioned on the Kids-ID (+32 78 150350) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In case a child carrying its Kids-ID has lost its way, any person finding it can easily contact its parents or a contact person thanks to a cascade system of phone numbers that has been activated by the parents.

In order to activate this cascade system or for more information

For more information on the Kids-ID card, the installation etc

5. Activation of Kids-ID

Every Belgian citizen who is registered in the consular population register of a Belgian embassy or consulate and who has a Belgian child who is also registered in the consular population register, can activate his or her child's Kids-ID at a consular post abroad or in a Belgian municipality. The Kids-ID can be activated by the parents (or legal representative) without the child being present. The activation of certificates for the Kids-ID is no longer authorised for children under 12 years of age.

Once the minor has reached the age of 12, the certificates on the Kids-ID can be activated, but only in the presence of the minor. The minor must insert the card into the card reader and enter the PUK code.