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The powers of attorney

On this page, you will find all the information concerning the powers of attorney.
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Belgians residing abroad can turn to the competent local authority to deal with procedures concerning property and family law.

Belgians having their habitual residence in a country outside the European Union can also contact the Belgian consular representative competent for the consular jurisdiction.


Definition of a power of attorney 

A power of attorney enables one person, the principal, to empower another person, the proxy, to do something in his place and on his behalf.

The agreement only takes effect once the proxy accepts it.

A power of attorney enables persons living abroad to have their affairs in Belgium handled by a proxy. 

Types of power of attorney

A general power of attorney empowers the proxy to look after all the principal's affairs.

A special power of attorney is granted for one or more specific tasks.

Whereas a general power of attorney only concerns purely administrative matters, an explicitly formulated power of attorney states which actions have to be performed. 

A power of attorney may be granted to one or more proxies, who may act jointly or separately.

The most common powers of attorney enacted before Belgian officials abroad involve the purchase or sale of real estate in Belgium or the settlement of an estate.

Ending of the mandate

The power of attorney comes to an end when the proxy no longer executes it or renounces it, or following the death, legal restraint or bankruptcy of either the principal or the proxy.