Registration at a Belgian consulate

On this page you will find all the information regarding registration with a Belgian career consulate.

How to register

On this page you will find all the information about the registration procedure.
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This page contains general information posted by the FPS Foreign Affairs. If you are residing abroad, please verify in this list whether your embassy or consulate has posted specific information for your place of residence on its website.

Conditions of registration 

In order to be registered in the population registers of the Belgian consulate, you must meet three conditions: 

  • You must be Belgian
  • You must not be registered in a population register of a Belgian municipality 
  • You must prove that your main residence (= your main and lawful residence) does actually fall within the area of jurisdiction of the consulate. 

Minors must also meet a fourth requirement: they must be registered where one of their parents has been registered. 

How to register? 

  • Personally at the Belgian consulate;  
  • Via e-mail (the e-mail address for your consulate can be found here). 
  • Online via e-Consul. You have access to e-Consul if you: 
    • are Belgian
    • are not (or no longer) registered in a Belgian municipality, because you have reported your departure abroad to this municipality 
    • have a valid and activated Belgian eID
    • know your PIN code and are in possession of a card reader.