Registration at a Belgian consulate

On this page you will find all the information regarding registration with a Belgian career consulate.

Before leaving

On this page, you will find all the information concerning the steps to be taken before your departure.
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Establishing your main residence abroad 

Any Belgian citizen who wishes to change his or her main residence to another country must declare this move to his or her local municipal authorities at the latest the day before departure. 

The municipal authorities will then issue a certificate of withdrawal from the population register. 

When you provide proof that you have set up mainly and lawfully abroad (copy of your residence permit, certificate of residence from the local authorities,…) and a number of other documents, you may then sign on to the population registers held by the Belgian consulate competent for your new habitual residence. It is advised that you contact this Belgian consulate beforehand to find out which documents you must provide in order to register. 

Tax consequences 

As soon as a person has been withdrawn from the Belgian population registers, his tax situation changes. 

Belgian tax regulations are very complex and the tax situation may also differ according to the bilateral or multilateral treaties to which Belgium is a party.  

The FPS Foreign Affairs does not provide any information on the tax consequences of a departure abroad. 

For detailed information: 

  • Federal Public Service Finance  
    North Galaxy, Koning Albert II-laan / Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 33 PO box 22
    1030 Brussels / Bruxelles 
    + 32 2 572 57 57  
  • Your tax office in Belgium (in French or in Dutch

Residence conditions 

For information on the conditions which must be met for residence (residence permit, work permit,…), please contact the embassy of your future country of residence in Brussels

Social security 

For more information, consult the page Social security 


For more information, consult the page Pension

Other questions 

Further information on living abroad can be found on the Federal Portal website