Belgium provides concrete support for the implementation of the Ottawa Convention on anti-personnel mines

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sophie Wilmès has decided to grant 300,000 euros to the Implementation Support Unit (ISU) of the Ottawa Convention on anti-personnel mines.

Belgium has long played a pioneering role in the fight against anti-personnel mines. The Ottawa Convention on Anti-Personnel Mines is the central instrument in the fight to ban these weapons, which cause great human suffering across the world. Belgium attaches great importance to this treaty, as demonstrated by the commitment of HRH Princess Astrid as Special Envoy for the treaty.

The ISU (Implementation Support Unit) of the Ottawa Convention assists the contracting parties in the implementation of their obligations. This unit does a valuable work much appreciated by the parties to the treaty. Among other things, it supports the preparation of meetings, provides advice and support for the implementation of the Convention, ensures institutional memory, serves as an authoritative source of information on the Convention, and maintains contacts with organizations involved in the work of the Convention.

This contribution from Belgium will enable the UIS to strengthen its capacities. Belgium wishes to contribute constructively to the effective implementation and further universalization of the Ottawa Convention.

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