Belgium sends humanitarian goods to the Greek-Turkish border

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At the request of the Greek government, Belgium has decided to send humanitarian goods through the B-FAST emergency mechanism. Greece called on the European coordination mechanism to assist them tackling the humanitarian emergency linked to the growing migratory pressure at their borders.

According to humanitarian organizations there are currently tens of thousands of people on the borders of Greece, often in difficult circumstances. Following the activation of the European coordination mechanism, B-FAST was activated on March 4, 2020. A total of 64 family tents with winter cover, 101 camp beds and 4320 winter blankets will be sent to the affected region tonight. In a few days these goods will be officially handed over by the Belgian embassy in Athens to the Greek civil protection authority.

The FPS Foreign Affairs coordinates this B-FAST mission. Defense, FPS Home Affairs, FPS Bosa and FPS Public Health provide logistical and administrative support.


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