What is the impact of Brexit if I want members of my family to accompany me? Can they join me once I am there?


If you settled in the United Kingdom before or on 31 December 2020 the latest, your family members may continue to stay with you or join you in the United Kingdom. This only includes people who were already part of your immediate family before the end of the transition period. Therefore, this means members of your family who were already legally living with you prior to this date and continue to do so, those who were living abroad but wish to join you, providing that they fulfil the conditions set out under EU law at the end of the transition period (existing marriage or legal cohabitation, etc.), and even children born or adopted after the end of the transition period (under certain conditions). In practical terms, EU Settlement Scheme family permit makes it possible for your close family members to join you in the UK (link).

If you wish to settle in the United Kingdom starting from or after 1 January 2021, you and your family members will be subject to the British immigration laws that are applicable (question 3).


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