What will be the impact of Brexit if I wish to move to the United Kingdom in order to live there?

Until 31 December 2020

Until 31 December 2020 a transition period applies in accordance with the Withdrawal Treaty during which he current situation is maintained. As long as you meet the conditions set out under EU law, you may settle in the United Kingdom with your family members. According to current EU law, beyond a short stay of a maximum of 3 months, you may live in the UK if you:

  • work there as an employee

  • carry out an activity there as a self-employed person
  • study there (providing that you have enough income to provide for yourself and any family members and are covered by comprehensive health insurance).
  • stay there, as long as you are living on your own means of subsistence (provided you have sufficient income for you and your family and are covered by comprehensive health insurance);
  • are looking for a job there (as long as you are actively looking for a job and have genuine chances of being hired).

From 1 January 2021

If you resided in the United Kingdom before the end of the transition period (31/12/2020) in one of the above mentioned situations, you can rely upon the withdrawal treaty and register for a “pre-settled status”. You have until 30 June 2021 to do so (see question 2). Nonetheless, it is in your own interest to register as soon as possible and ideally before 31 december 2020 via the EU Settlement Scheme.

If you wish to move tothe United Kingdom and settle there after the end of the transition period (01/01/2021) you can no longer rely upon the withdrawal treaty. The British Home Office will make an immigration permit (long stay visa) dependent upon a points-based assessment of candidates. The conversion of a short stay of maximum 3 months, for which no visa will be required, to a long stay (regularisation) will not be possible during your stay in the UK. The correct visa for a long stay must be acquired before your departure to the UK. For more information about the procedure you can contact the British embassy in Brussels and the information portal of the British government.



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