Useful links


For everyone: Website FPS Foreign Affairs

For Belgian companies: the website of the Federal Public Service Economy (Dutch - French)

For Belgians living in the United Kingdom:

  1. The page dedicated to “settled status” and “pre-settled status”
  2. The page dedicated to the British preparations for the end of the transition period and new applicable rules
  3. The page dedicated to the new points-based immigration system which will enter into force from 1 January 2021

For British expats living in Belgium: the website of the Belgian Immigration Office

For questions related to social security: the website of the Federal Public Service Social Security

For questions related to workers’ rightswebsite of the Belgian Federal Public Service Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue

See also:

  • Q&A by the European Commission on the rights of citizens within the withdrawal agreement

  • Text of the Withdrawal Treaty

  • European legislation currently applicable in terms of free movement of European citizens: Directive 2004/38