Africa archive

A brief overview of the collections

The contents of the Africa archives cover the years 1885-1962.

The collection comprises documents falling within the remit of relevant departments of the Independent State of Congo (Congo Free State) and the former Ministry of Colonies and African Affairs as well as files on similar topics concerning Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi (e.g. religious missions, the Belgian Royal Colonial Institute, annual reports from Belgian Congo, annual reports from Ruanda-Urundi, and such like).

The main topics covered are politics, administration, justice, security, civil status records, economics, public works, mining, communications and telecommunications, education, religion, ethnography, history and official documents dating from 1885 to 1962.

There is also a collection comprising around 90 private bequests.


  • Microfilms on Congo: This collection primarily contains private papers dating from the Congo Free State era to the first few years of Congo as a Belgian colony (1908- ).
  • Microfilms on Ruanda-Urundi, 1917-1961.