Economic component of the State visit to Greece - European cooperation towards a clean and sustainable energy market

On the third day of the state visit to Greece, the King and Queen will have an economic programme that will highlight Belgium's expertise in the energy sector and the opportunities for intra-European cooperation in the area of strategic autonomy.

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The official delegation will leave Athens for the island of Revithoussa, near the Greek capital. The visit to the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal of Revithoussa will focus on key energy issues. The terminal is of crucial importance for energy supply in Greece and can serve as a hub for the Eastern Balkans and may even play a decisive role in securing energy supplies for the European Union.

Belgian company Fluxys is an important partner in the further development of the energy sector in Greece. First of all, through the Senfluga consortium, Fluxys is a shareholder of Desfa, developer and owner of the LNG terminal in Revithoussa. Furthermore, Fluxys is closely involved in several projects, both in the field of natural gas (e.g. Senfluga, Trans Adriatic Pipeline) and in the transition to clean energy, such as the production of green hydrogen (the White Dragon project).

The Royal Couple and the official delegation will not disembark on the island of Revithoussa, but will be given an explanation on the boat, which will tour the island.

After the visit, the Sovereigns and the delegation will return to Athens for a brief meeting with the Belgian press before taking part in their respective working lunches.  The King will have lunch with Belgian and Greek CEOs to exchange views on the energy sector. The Queen will participate in a working lunch on sustainable development.

These activities will conclude the State visit to Greece.

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