Central point of contact for abuse in development cooperation

Welcome to the portal of the central point of contact for abuse in development cooperation.

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The central point of contact is a body responsible for facilitating the reporting of abuse within Belgian development cooperation. The Central point of contact is competent to treat reports of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment (SEAH) within Belgian development cooperation. It is not competent to treat reports of fraud or corruption.

If you wish to report an incident of abuse, you must first address the reporting point of the concerned organization.

Please report your abuse if:

  • you have already contacted the reporting point of the concerned organization and have not received a response;
  • the concerned organization has not processed your report;
  • if you consider that there is a conflict of interest within the reporting center of the organization.

If you simply have a question for the administration or a complaint regarding the workings of the Federal Public Service for Foreign Affairs, please use the appropriate contact form.

Royal Decree of 28 February 2023 on integrity in Belgian development cooperation (PDF, 221.18 KB) (in French and Dutch)

Circular - Central Point of Contact (PDF, 261.93 KB)


1. Your identification data

You have the possibility to file an anonymous report if you wish. However, if you do not provide us with an email address, we will be unable to contact you in order to allow you to complete your report. If you wish to remain anonymous, please provide us with as much information as possible in this form to facilitate our mission.

2. Detailed description of the incident

As a reminder, abuses must in principle be reported to the concerned organization. The Central point of contact can only intervene if the organization is failing or if there is a risk of a conflict of interest. Please indicate the reasons why you do not wish to report the abuse to the contact point of the organization concerned.
I am aware that by making my report anonymous and by not providing any e-mail address, the Central point of contact will not be able to reach back to me for further information or follow up regarding my report and I have included as much information as possible in this report to facilitate the mission of the Central point of contact.