3 May 2024: World Press Freedom Day - Belgium joins the Media Freedom Coalition

On World Press Freedom Day, the Minister of Foreign Affairs announces that Belgium is joining the Media Freedom Coalition.

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According to Reporters Without Borders, 45 journalists worldwide died in 2023 while doing their job. Another 521 journalists are detained on arbitrary grounds related to their profession.

However, journalists are an essential part of a functioning and open democracy. In addition to informing, they also have a monitoring function and put social ills in the spotlight. Journalists can only fulfil their role if they can work in complete independence and safety, in an environment that respects freedom of expression.

World Press Freedom Day provides an excellent opportunity to highlight the vital role of a free press. Journalism faces increasing challenges as new digital channels are used to spread disinformation in an increasingly divided world. More than ever, a continued commitment to safeguard the right to freedom of opinion and expression, which includes freedom of information and press freedom, is needed worldwide. Our country, together with the EU, is committed to this.

Today, Belgium is going one step further: the minister of Foreign Affairs is pleased to announce that Belgium is joining the Media Freedom Coalition. This coalition is an alliance of more than 50 countries aiming to advocate for media freedom and safety of journalists worldwide. The Belgian affiliation offers new opportunities for various forms of cooperation with other members to protect media freedom and pluralism around the world.

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