Alexander De Croo has decided to double the donations to “Famine 12-12”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation Alexander De Croo, in charge for humanitarian emergency aid, announced that the federal government will double the population's donations to the campaign “Famine 12-12”. Minister De Croo has also planned international demarches. He will look, together with the United Nations, into a way to better tackle the structural causes. “We cannot look away when children are dying of hunger”. 

During his last briefing in the Security Council, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O’Brien rang the alarm bell. In the coming months, hunger is threatening 20 million lives in South Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen and Somalia. In total, 5.6 billion dollars are necessary to provide immediate humanitarian aid, but 4.4 billion dollars are still missing. 

More than a million children are in acute need

Alexander De Croo: “In those four countries, two deadly powers reinforce one another: war and drought. Today, more than a million children are already severely malnourished and in immediate need. This money must come quickly. The international community cannot look away”.

During the past weeks and months, our country has already released 60 million euros in humanitarian aid for specific interventions and humanitarian funds from amongst others the United Nations and the International Red Cross which operate actively in the four countries. Furthermore, 20 million were already released to help Syria, where humanitarian needs remain high.

Minister De Croo has now decided to double people’s donations to “Famine 12-12”. The Consortium 12-12, a cooperation of important Belgian NGOs (Caritas International, Handicap International, Doctors of the World, Oxfam-Solidarity, Plan Belgium and UNICEF Belgium), launched a common call last week for the victims of famine.

Alexander De Croo: “We are going to double each euro that people donate to “Famine 12-12”. I call each and every one to make a donation. NGOs save lives and deserve our full support.”

On Monday, Minister De Croo will examine with the Consortium 12-12 and the Red Cross how to improve cooperation in order to mobilize more means and save lives.

More international action

Minister De Croo has also planned demarches at the international level. In the beginning of April, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O’Brien will come to Brussels. Minister De Croo will discuss a better approach to humanitarian aid and to the structural causes of this humanitarian crisis.

Alexander De Croo: “The international community musts take robust actions towards these crises. Our first concern shall be to save lives but we must also do more to tackle the structural causes: war and drought due to global warming. This is only possible with more European and International action.

People who wish to donate to “Famine 12-12” can do so via the bank account BE19 0000 0000 1212 or the website