Belgium supports Fiji in making a success of the COP23


The 23rd United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP23) starts tomorrow in Bonn (Germany) under the presidency of Fiji. It is the first time that a small island State like Fiji takes the control of climate negotiations. Belgium supports Fiji in making a success of the COP23.

The goal of Fiji is to sustain the international political momentum lived since the Paris Agreement. For small island states it is a question of survival to be effectively on path to maintaining climate warming under a rise of temperature of 2°C.

Belgium strongly increased for this purpose its contribution to climate funds, especially for the most vulnerable countries. These funds reached 99,1 million euros in 2016.

Belgian foreign and development policy has engaged for years for a stronger multilateralism and is directed towards the most vulnerable countries. We want to make a success of the Paris Agreement and have mobilized our diplomacy for that. We finance the most vulnerable countries to help them become more resilient against climate change. We consider the transition to a low carbon economy as an opportunity to increase global growth. It is also our duty to protect our planet and the next generations”, underline Minister Reynders and Minister De Croo.

Minister Reynders and Minister De Croo expect the COP23 in Bonn to reach in particular the following four goals:

  1. It must reach an agreement on how to assess the entire national reduction goals for 2018 in order to reach the 2°C and 1,5°C targets stated in the Paris Agreement. The COP23 must grant the most vulnerable countries and the least developed countries a better access to climate funds. Given our priority for the most vulnerable countries, this is a must;
  2. The COP23 must bring together climate policy and the protection of the oceans. This is a request of small island states. Coastal management and the health of oceans are at the basis of their economy;
  3. The next conference (COP24) must strengthen the role of cities, of local authorities, of civil society in its entirety and of the private sector in climate policy. It is only it everyone gets on board that climate policy will reach its goals;
  4. The main goal of the COP23 is however above all to ensure that the Paris Agreement is fully operational by 2018;

The European Union and Belgium will actively take part in the negotiations in order to reach these goals.