Didier Reynders concerned about growing tensions around Turkish electoral meetings

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders is concerned about the growing tensions around the organization of electoral meetings in several European countries, in the context of the upcoming referendum on the Turkish constitution.
Freedom of expression remains a fundamental value for Belgium and the European Union. It should always prevail in our country and worldwide. Also public order must be guaranteed, and this is the responsibility of the mayors. Local authorities, with the support of the police services, have to evaluate the risk of public disturbances and take the necessary measures, including the potential cancelling of events in the context of the campaign on the Turkish referendum.  
Didier Reynders calls for restraint. Outrageous and insulting language against European Union member states should be avoided, particularly terms such as ‘nazism’, ‘fascism’ and references to the Srebrenica genocide.
Minister Reynders calls for avoiding any escalation and to favour dialogue and a serene debate.