Didier Reynders welcomes political decision on signing of aviation agreements

Under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders, the Interministerial Conference for foreign policy (ICFP) has reached a political agreement on the question of the signing of bilateral aviation agreements. Aviation agreements determine the countries Belgium has air connections with. These agreements are therefore of great economic importance for the Belgian economic operators in the aviation sector. Thanks to this agreement, 28 bilateral agreements that were already negotiated, can be signed in the short term, such as agreements with Burundi, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mexico, Oman, Peru, Qatar, Tanzania and Thailand. Legal clarity has now been created as well for all future aviation agreements Belgium will conclude with third countries.  Didier Reynders welcomes this outcome.
The ICFP meets under the chairmanship of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and brings together the representatives of the federal government and the regional governments to discuss dossiers on foreign policy which touch their respective competences. The absence of signature of these agreements due to a different point of view between the federal and regional governments had led to legal uncertainty. In 2015, the Council of State issued an advice stating that aviation agreements have a mixed (federal and regional) character and that the regions should be involved in concluding them. This will be the case from now on.