First management agreement with new Belgian development agency Enabel

The Council of Ministers approved today, on the proposal of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation Alexander De Croo, the first management agreement between the Federal State and Enabel, the new Belgian development agency. It further adjusts Belgium's development policy to the Sustainable development goals.

Enabel will be active in a number of new fields which are essential to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The strengthening of local entrepreneurship in partner countries and the use of digitalization as a lever of development will, amongst others, be a part of its missions.

Enabel will be more in tune with the new development framework born in 2015 with the approval of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the 17 Sustainable development goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. The objective is to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030 and to preserve our planet.

A broader mission and a focus on results

Enabel will focus on these new themes. The Agency will also strive to prepare policies and will be able to carry on missions for third parties. Enabel will therefore not be the only executive agency of Belgium's development cooperation, as it was the case in the past.

The new development agency will have the final responsibility of the realization of its goals, which will be set beforehand. The agency will have to report in a transparent manner and be accountable. This means that its interventions, and especially its results, will become much more visible on the field and in our country.

The reform is a response to the central recommendation of the OECD's DAC peer review of September 2015. This review recommended Belgium to change the model of organization of its development cooperation in function of the priorities and needs of the developing countries in a changing world.

Team Belgium

Enabel and Embassies will work in partner countries as one team, Team Belgium. They will speak with one voice, which only makes sense. International development policy is an integral part of our interventions abroad. The representations of Enabel in partner countries will therefore be integrated in Embassies, in full respect of the managerial autonomy of Enabel.

In partner countries, Enabel will operate under the political control of the head of mission. The president of the Board of Directors will sign a protocol in this regard with the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Financing and legal status of employees

Starting from 2018, a stable financing is foreseen with an operational budget of 175 million EUR per year and a working budget of 23,2 million EUR per year. These resources are guaranteed for the next 5 years, an improvement compared to today's situation.

A scheme defining the legal status of Enabel's employees is foreseen in consultation with workers unions. The Board of Directors will define by the end of 2018 the hiring as well as the financial, career and holidays schemes for employees. Twenty years after the establishment of the Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC), Enabel will finally have a legal regime for its employees, which should have already been the case long ago.

This first management agreement between the Federal State and Enabel implements the law of 23 November 2017 transforming CTB into Enabel from 1st January 2018. The article in the management contract, which contains the main features of the legal status of ENABEL's staff, has been the object of a memorandum of understanding unanimously agreed by unions after constructive negotiations.