Website for assistance to travellers Travellers Online redesigned

Today was redesigned, with a new logo, a new graphic style and new features. Travellers Online is the website where Belgians can easily and free of charge notify Foreign Affairs about their travel departure.

With a new logo and a new graphic style, registration of a trip becomes even smoother and easier. On the homepage there is now a link to the Foreign Affairs travel advices, as well as a separate chapter with frequently asked questions (FAQ) containing background information on the use of the website, good travel preparation and advice on what to do in case of problems while traveling.  

A number of functional enhancements also make the website easier to use. It is now possible to register several trips simultaneously. The registration of groups travelling together was also made easier; now one person can register for the whole group.

On, Belgians can enter their travel and personal details, as well as those of a contact person in Belgium. If a crisis happens in the country of destination, such as a natural disaster, an attack or an accident, Foreign Affairs will be able to use that information, if necessary to get in touch with the compatriots and their families, in order to provide faster and better assistance. 

Travellers Online was launched in July 2015 by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders. Since then, 174.565 Belgian have registered their trip. The main countries for which Belgian travelers registered are Turkey, France, Thailand, Spain and Egypt. Didier Reynders continues to advise all Belgians to systematically register on this website every time they travel.