Didier Reynders and Alexander De Croo call for ceasefire in Yemen

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Development Cooperation Alexander De Croo are preoccupied by the on-going fighting in Yemen, particularly in the port of Hodeïda. The city is indeed of strategic importance because it is the entry point for more than three quarters of imports and international humanitarian aid into the country. Yemen undergoes an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, currently the worst in the world.

Didier Reynders and Alexander De Croo call all parties for a cease-fire and to resume dialogue. A political and inclusive solution is the only possible way out of this conflict. In this perspective, the ministers fully support the efforts of Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General, Martin Griffith. They recall also the obligation of all warring parties to respect international law, be it the protection of civilians and humanitarian workers or the unrestricted access of humanitarian help.

The particularly bloody conflict that has been raging for four years in Yemen has already caused the death of over 10,000 civilians. More than 22 million people - about 80% of the population - are in need of humanitarian help. For more than 14 million people, the famine caused by the conflict reaches a critical level. Belgium contributed in 2018 about 8.7 million EUR in humanitarian help for Yemen through various organisations and international funds. It becomes urgent to silence the guns.