Foreign Affairs in support of the Belgian fans in Russia

As it did during the World Cup in Brazil and the Euro in France, the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in close cooperation with the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) and the federal police, has done everything to make sure the the Red Devils fans can enjoy the games of our team, both in Russia and abroad.

A specific World Cup Travel Advisory is now online, next to the general travel advice on Russia which remains relevant. The days our national team is playing, a consular assistance team and a flying consul will be present in the field. To ensure smooth consular assistance in case it is needed, we recommend that the fans sign up on Travellers Online. Ultimately, the World Cup is also an ideal opportunity to put the spotlight on Belgium outside of Russia.

To support the fans who will be traveling to Russia to watch the games the games live, a specific Travel Advice on the country is now online on the Foreign Ministry’s website. To enter Russian territory during the World Cup, fans only require their FAN ID and a valid passport. This FAN ID also serves as a valid visa. In order to receive their FAN ID, the fans must request it online with their match tickets. The passport, entry ticket and FAN ID are linked so fans must ensure that they keep these three documents on hand throughout their stay in Russia.

We also recommend that fans carefully check the coverage of their travel and/or hospital insurance to make sure it covers Russia. Fans who travel to Russia by car should also check the geographical coverage of their car insurance. If they rent a car outside Russia, they should make sure that the rental contract also applies to Russia.

The match pitting Belgium against England, in Kaliningrad on June 28, will easily attract the largest number of Belgian fans. Many of them will spend the night in Poland or Lithuania, so we recommend that they arrive at the Kaliningrad border crossing well in advance.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the RBFA and the federal police will be present in and around the stadiums during the Red Devils’ games. We will also be dispatching a flying consul to join the consular teams from the Belgian embassy in Moscow and the Consulate General in Saint Petersburg to be available in the host cities 24 hours before each match of the Red Devils. They will be part of the "fan embassies" in each of the host cities and will be reachable via the RBFA’s telephone hotline.

Preparations for this World Cup were taken very seriously and we assume that everything will run smoothly. However, in the event of a crisis, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to be able to quickly inform and assist affected fans. Therefore, we advise every fan to register on Travellers Online

Fans in Russia and Belgium will not be the only ones to enjoy the World Cup. Around the world, many of our Belgian embassies and consulates will organize events around the Red Devils’ games. These events will be an ideal opportunity for Belgians abroad as well as international fans to enjoy the matches and to get to know Belgium better.