The International Criminal Court celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Rome statute

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the signing of the Rome Statute, the founding text of the International Criminal Court, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders reiterates his support to this judicial institution which plays an essential role in the fight against impunity. Faced with the trends of withdrawal into oneself and unilateralism, a permanent international criminal jurisdiction with a universal vocation, complementary to national criminal jurisdictions, is more necessary than ever.
For twenty years, the Court has been conducting investigations and trials in every region of the world. It has contributed hugely to solidifying international criminal jurisprudence and has played an unquestionable preventive role. In that respect, it is an important instrument for consolidating peace, as there can be no lasting peace without justice. 
While the Court is not above criticism, this reflects the very high expectations for it as well as the scope of its mission and the difficulty in upholding the rule of law. Belgium underlines that it is the states’ first responsibility to fight against impunity and to strengthen the fight against impunity through their action and their cooperation.
Minister Reynders welcomes our country’s continuing support to the Court since its inception. Belgium provides the Court with an efficient judiciary cooperation and an unwavering political support. It also contributes to strengthening the fight against impunity by taking an active part in the Assemblies of State Parties, and by advocating for the universalisation of the Rome Statute. This support reflects our commitment to ending the most serious violations of international humanitarian law. 

 Međunarodni krivični sud proslavlja svoju 20-godišnjicu! (PDF, 44.57 KB)