Jean-Pierre Bemba: Belgian reaction on the request of the International Criminal Court

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders is releasing the following communication by the Belgian government on the Bemba-case. 

The Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court decided on 8th of June 2018 to acquit Jean-Pierre Bemba from the charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity related to acts committed in the Central African Republic. On 12th of June 2018, the Trial Chamber VII of the International Criminal Court, which has been seized of the related case regarding offences against the administration of justice, ordered the provisional release under specific conditions of Mr. Bemba. The Court requested Belgium to allow Mr. Bemba to stay in Belgium, where his family lives, following his provisional release. In view of the Belgian support to international criminal courts, the Belgian authorities agreed to this request. The decision was communicated to the Court and the necessary practical steps to that effect will be taken in the coming days.