Reaction of Didier Reynders on the ballistic attacks against Saudi Arabia

Ballistic missiles were fired by the Houthi rebels in Yemen targeting Saudi Arabia on Sunday 25th of March. This attack made several victims. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders is very worried by this new provocation.

This attack shows once more that ballistic proliferation is a grave menace for the stability of the region. Belgium calls for the strict respect of the arms embargo against non-state entities designated in the United Nations Security Council resolution 2216. Minister Reynders reiterates the call to all parties involved in the conflict to come to a prompt and lasting cessation of hostilities and supports the mediation efforts undertaken to this end. In this regard Belgium ensures M. Martin Griffiths, who was recently appointed as the United Nations Special Envoy, of its full support. Belgium calls upon all parties, local and regional, to engage in good faith in a process of political negotiations in order to end this conflict which has disastrous consequences for the people of Yemen.