Belgium sends winter tents and camp beds to Albania, following the earthquake that struck the country

On the night of 26 November 2019, the Republic of Albania was hit by a violent earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale. Dozens of victims lost their lives and hundreds were injured. In the affected areas around the port city of Durres, many houses have been damaged. Through the emergency mechanism B-FAST, relief workers were immediately ready to respond positively to a call for international assistance from the affected country. After a few days of site assessments by specialists from the European Union, the need for temporary shelter in particular turned out to be very large. For this reason, the Minister of Foreign Affairs decided on 29 November to activate the B-FAST emergency aid mechanism. This, of course, in cooperation with the EUCPM (EU Civil Protection Mechanism), which coordinates everything in order to be able to serve the right needs on the ground as quickly and efficiently as possible. A total of 100 winter-coated family tents and 460 camp beds were moved to the affected region. For this mission, B-FAST is working for the first time with a private transport company.

The Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs coordinates the B-FAST mission. Development cooperation, Defence, the FPS Home Affairs, the FPS Bosa and the FPS Public Health provided logistical and administrative support.