Only more international cooperation is successful

Only by strengthening international cooperation can we successfully tackle global challenges such as peace and security, climate change, human rights, migration, digital transformation and sustainable development. This is the key message of Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo at the launch of the new 'Alliance for Multilateralism' today in New York, a Franco-German initiative that aims to strengthen international cooperation.

Alexander De Croo: “Multilateralism is under pressure at a time when we need more international cooperation. No country can tackle major challenges such as terrorism, climate change or migration on its own. Some prefer a world no longer defined by common values and mutually agreed rules, but rather by self-interest and mercantile motives. If history has taught us anything, it is that such approach is not very successful in the long run."

Deputy Prime Minister De Croo calls for a smarter and more sustainable strategy that strengthens existing alliances, opens the door to new friends, and renews and strengthens the international legal order we built together. It is therefore essential that all countries – and especially the larger ones – play by common rules, rather than merely serving short-term interests through hard power play.

Alliance for Multilateralism

Today, in the margins of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Deputy Prime Minister De Croo took part in the launch of the new 'Alliance for Multilateralism', a group of countries that, under the impulse of France and Germany, wants to defend and strengthen international cooperation now that it is under attack.

"Multilateralism is a very conscious choice for Belgium. Our country was one of the founding fathers of the United Nations, the European Union and NATO. At a time when others are trying to undermine international cooperation, we must have the courage to go against the tide," said Minister De Croo.

More than words

Belgium strongly believes in the added value of cooperation between states. Multilateralism unites countries and increases the quality of common solutions to problems that occur in each of these countries.

In line with our priorities as a non-permanent member of the Security Council, Belgium supports a number of concrete initiatives. Belgium will thus take action to strengthen the respect for international humanitarian law and also contribute to the development of a strategy to manage security risks associated with climate. Our country also endorses the call for the development of a normative framework for autonomous lethal weapon systems. Belgium already supported the call for cooperation to promote cyber security. Other initiatives for concrete multilateral action will follow.