Reynders and De Croo confirm the revitalization of diplomatic relations with the DRC

Marie Tumba Nzeza & Didier Reynders

Before welcoming President Tshisekedi on the occasion of his first official visit to Belgium, Deputy Prime minister and Minister of Foreign affairs Didier Reynders met with his Congolese counterpart Marie Tumba Nzeza at Melsbroek.

Today, the two ministers signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the regular holding of bilateral political consultations, following an intergovernmental meeting at the Egmont Palace. In addition to the reinstatement of Ambassadors in both countries, this document includes the reopening of Consulates General in Antwerp and Lubumbashi, and support to the National School of Administration (Ecole nationale d’administration, ENA) in Kinshasa, as well as training of Congolese diplomats.

Deputy Prime minister, Minister of Finance and Development Cooperation Alexander De Croo signed an MoU on the continuation of governmental cooperation and the consolidation of programs in progress, accompanied by a transitional program. It is up to the next federal government to conclude a new cooperation agreement.

In addition, a Memorandum was concluded allowing for the revival of the cooperation in the field of finance. The resumption of central bank cooperation was also examined

The signature of the MoUs demonstrates the will of both countries to strengthen their diplomatic relations, and confirms the revitalization of the close relationship that exists between the DRC and Belgium, in the framework of a reciprocal partnership reconnecting with growth and sustainable development.

Belgium, together with its international partners, is committed to support the efforts and reforms announced by the Congolese authorities, taking into account concrete progress in favor of the people.