Ministers De Croo and Goffin confirm support for the World Health Organization

After the decision of the United States to hold back their funding to the Wolrd Health Organisation (WHO), deputy prime minister and minister of Development Cooperation Alexander De Croo and minister of Foreign Affairs Philippe Goffin confirm their continued support for the WHO. In the midst of the current unseen Covid-19 pandemic, we advocate supporting the organization as much as possible.

The WHO plays a crucial role in coordinating the international response to the pandemic. The organization tries to prevent the further spread of the virus by, among other things, distributing medical material, deploying rapid response teams and advising and informing the general public. In addition, the WHO also contributes to the search for adequate treatment and vaccination. The organization works with a science-based approach, using the recommendations of bodies consisting of specialists from all over the world.

The WHO primarily assists the most vulnerable countries in their Covid-19 response. They need this help now more than ever, in the fight against a virus which knows no borders.

Belgium believes that the WHO is doing a good job. The moment for a thorough evaluation will come later: in the midst of this pandemic, we consider it more important than ever to provide the best possible support to the organization and to work together shoulder to shoulder to tackle this crisis.

Our country will therefore continue to strongly support the organization and will, in consultation with the WHO, examine in the coming weeks how this support will be shaped, in order to bridge this difficult period.