Philippe Goffin emphasizes the importance of the International Criminal Court in the fight against impunity

The world of multilateral diplomacy and international justice - of which the International Criminal Court is part - is going through a deep crisis and has to face threats and hostile action. The relevance of multilateral institutions is being questioned and countries are increasingly withdrawing into themselves. On International Justice Day, Foreign Minister Philippe Goffin emphasizes that Belgium will continue its efforts to strengthen the rule of law and the unique and essential role of the International Criminal Court. This permanent and universal Court is complementary to the national criminal jurisdictions.

Belgium has supported the Court from the very beginning, including through effective judicial cooperation and by contributing to the strengthening of the system to combat impunity. Belgium wants as many countries as possible to join. The nomination of Mrs Laurence Massart as a candidate to be Judge to the International Criminal Court also testifies to this Belgian commitment.

By maintaining our confidence in the ICC, it will be possible to move towards a better world. "Without justice there can be no lasting peace. It is only by joining forces and by each making our own contribution that we can achieve a fairer and more balanced world for future generations", says Minister Goffin, "a world in which the executioners are behind bars and the victims of the most serious crimes against humanity are finally recognized, but above all will be less and less numerous".

In this respect, the Trust Fund for Victims plays an important role. It is independent of the Criminal Court, but plays a complementary role by providing assistance and reparation to the victims of the most serious crimes, which affect the entire international community.