Press release by Minister Goffin on the elections in Burundi

We commend the efforts of the Burundi’s who have resolutely engaged in the election process, some at risk to their own lives or physical integrity. This process led to the triple ballot box of May 20th, a crucial step in consolidating the country’s political and institutional stability.

We urge all political actors to refrain from any speech or action that could jeopardize a democratic outcome of this election process. In this perspective, we call on the same actors to work together to create the conditions for a peaceful management of the post-electoral phase that respects the voters’ will.

If this electoral process proceeds correctly, it also offers an opportunity to further strengthen the relationship between Burundi and Belgium. We reiterate our determination to contribute to such a positive dynamic.

We reaffirm our support for the people and the government of Burundi to consolidate a peaceful and inclusive society that can provide the foundation for a prosperous future.