Philippe Goffin condemns the mutiny in Mali and calls for peaceful dialogue

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense Philippe Goffin is deeply concerned by the latest developments in Mali.

Minister Goffin strongly condemns the mutiny led by a group of military and the arbitrary arrest of President Ibrahim Boubacar Kéita and other officials, including the Prime Minister and takes due note of the resignation of the President and the Government.

"With regards to the latest developments in Mali, I call for the immediate restoration of constitutional order and democratic institutions. Such a coup de force cannot be a response to the political crisis in the country. I urge the Malians to engage in peaceful dialogue to resolve the current crisis. I am deeply concerned about the consequences of the current crisis for the stability of Mali and the Sahel".

Minister Goffin fully supports the efforts of ECOWAS to resolve the crisis and endorses its statements of August 18. Belgium will continue to follow closely the evolution of the situation and will express its concerns at the emergency meeting of the Security Council, convened later today.

Belgium assures the people of Mali that it will remain engaged with them in the face of the multiple crises affecting their lives. Belgium is strongly committed to the security of Mali and the Sahel region, in particular through its participation in the United Nations Integrated Multidimensional Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) and the European Training Mission (EUTM Mali).


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