Episode 11. Are you a Belgian abroad? The consular services are there for you!

A conversation with Joris Salden, director general of Consular Affairs, on the consular services offered by the FPS Foreign Affairs.

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Quite a few Belgians stay abroad: from close by in neighbouring countries or the EU to the other side of the world. Sometimes only briefly, for a weekend getaway, and sometimes for months, years or even permanently. Often they work there themselves, their family lives there or they just want to discover another country and culture.  

If you are also staying abroad or planning to leave soon, you should know that the FPS Foreign Affairs offers a lot of services, both before your departure and during your stay there. To let you know all about these services and our assistance in case of emergency, we invited Joris Salden, our Director-General of Consular Affairs.

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Foto van Joris Salden zittend in een zetel