Conference on the Future of Europe

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In brief

The Conference on the Future of Europe is a citizen-driven series of debates and discussions, in which people from all over Europe can share their ideas and help build our common future. This conference is unique of its kind: large-scale, Pan-European and democratic. It will provide a new forum for open, inclusive and transparent consultations with citizens on a number of key priorities and challenges.

The Conference on the Future of Europe will rely on a mix of online and offline events organised by the European institutions, national, regional and local authorities, civil society organisations and citizens, the results of which will be collected, analysed and published on the multilingual digital platform. The digital platform will enable participants to engage in dialogue with one another and to discuss their proposals with other citizens from all Member States, in the 24 official languages of the European Union. The intention is to have as many people as possible from all walks of life help shape their future through the platform.

A key part of the conference consists of the European and national citizen panels, within which the nine themes of the conference will be discussed. As far as the European Citizens' Panels are concerned, 800 citizens, representative of the sociological diversity of the European Union, were randomly selected on a European level. Each European Citizens' Panel is made up of 200 citizens of the 800. During the consultation sessions, they will formulate ideas and recommendations that will serve as input for the overall deliberations of the conference, for the plenary sessions of the conference in particular and ultimately for the report on the final results.