Overview of all Belgian events and initiatives on a federal level and at the level of federated entities


The Opening Ceremony of the Belgian national contribution in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of European Affairs Sophie Wilmès and EU Commissioner Didier Reynders. After that, a panel considered the theme of "The EU in the World" (8 October 2021).

The National citizens' panel, consisting of 50 citizens selected at random, on "European democracy" (more specifically, "public participation" in the EU, with a particular focus on communication, disinformation and the future of deliberative processes), organised by FPS Foreign Affairs (23-24 October, 13-14 November and 27-28 November). The session on 27-28 November session was cancelled due to COVID measures and took place virtually on 11-12 December 2021.

A debate on climate change and the environment, with six parallel round-table discussions with citizens and government members, followed by a plenary session organised by the ministers of the green parties in the federal government (16 November).

A youth debate on "The Social Europe of Tomorrow: Our Aspirations for the Future of Europe," organised by the ministers of the socialist parties in the federal government (26 April 2022).

A structured citizens' dialogue on "Living in the cross-border region", organised by the German-speaking Community (20-21 November 2021).

A hackathon on "The impact of healthy lifestyles and climate change on quality of life" and "Obstacles for young people in the labour market", organised by the Walloon Parliament (20-21 November 2021).

A panel discussion on digitalization and sustainable economy, organised by the Flemish government (23 November 2021).

A series of debates on the theme "Europe is listening to you", organized by the Youth Forum of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, with events on 22 September and 29 September.

A citizens' panel for people aged 18 to 30, organised by the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region. Citizens will collectively debate the theme of European Democracy, "Europe? Yourope! (5-6 February 2022).