The European Union mapped out


The Directorate-General for  European Affairs and Coordination  (DGE) of the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation has produced an electronic application called “The European Union mapped out”.

This game comprises four modules for the players to enhance their knowledge about the twenty-eight member states and the five candidate countries of the European Union.

The intro The European Union step by step presents a chronological survey of the enlargement of the European Union.

The module Discover the European Union invites the player to familiarize with all member states and candidate countries (location, flag, capital, area, population).

The module Practice makes perfect! gives the player the possibility to learn more about the European Union via five sets of thirty-three questions: "Can you find this country?", "Which country is this?", "Of which country is this the capital?", "Which capital is this?", "Which country does this flag represent?".

The module Break the record! invites the player to play in solo mode or to compete against other players and to compare scores via Facebook.

The European Union mapped out learns you how to juggle with geography, countries, capitals and flags…  

Discover it now!

EU Puzzle