Financing subsidies by indirect cooperation (NGA)


Financing and monitoring development initiatives by Belgian non-governmental actors fall under the remit of the DGD. The organisation of non-governmental cooperation has been based on the following principles since 1997:

  • a programme approach relying on a medium-term vision of development;
  • a broad right to take initiatives in choosing the partners who will receive aid and the strategies to be implemented;
  • full responsibility for attaining the objectives set and for the financial resources provided.

The Belgian state negotiates framework agreements with non-governmental cooperation actors and these agreements set out the objectives of the initiatives and how they are implemented.

Indirect cooperation currently concerns:

Aid efficacy

For 10 months, the Belgian government, as well as the federations of non-governmental development organisations, have conducted a dialogue campaign, aiming at improving non-governmental cooperation and at increasing the coherence of non-governmental politics for development, but also the amount and quality of aid. This has led to a new agreement between NGOs and the government, who both engaged in improving aid’s efficiency. Among the most significant results, the number of countries where NGOs intervene has reduced and the government’s willingness to work for a total cancellation of the lest developed countries’ debts can be noticed.