The effectiveness of aid and the performance of the organisation


In the international development community, increasing emphasis is being placed on the quality and effectiveness of aid. Greater attention is paid to the achievement of development results, accountability and the lessons learnt from development partners and other donors.

The Directorate-General for Development Cooperation (DGD) must use its budgets and human resources in the most effective and efficient way possible if it is to turn these expectations into reality. The development of an adequate internal control system is a huge challenge in view of the limited resources and instruments that the Directorate-General can decide on autonomously. In addition to the traditional risks involved in its own organisation and the granting of subsidies to third parties, account should be taken of the difficult conditions on the ground. The DGD would like to be part of the modernisation of the civil service, which is demonstrating greater professionalism and development for its staff, their skills and the working environment.