Activities related to internal monitoring and risk management


In recent years, as part of the modernisation of the administration, increased attention has been afforded to good governance and a more effective management of resources. These principles have been defined and transcribed in several Royal Decrees, including the Royal Decree of 17 August 2007 related to the internal monitoring system in certain Federal Executive departments.

Sensitive to these values and concerned with the optimal use of public funds, the DGD fully committed itself to this task, integrating a department dedicated to risk management and control of the organisation (= internal monitoring) in its latest structural reform.

Risk management and control of the organisation aim to develop management tools for all activities in such a way that we can achieve our objectives as effectively as possible. These management tools include: improving processes, descriptions of procedures, staff training, the use of templates and checklists, formulating the right objectives, etc.

Control of the organisation thus benefits the organisation as a whole as it will operate more effectively going forward. It also benefits employees, who will reap the benefits in their daily tasks, and partners and beneficiaries of aid that will be granted more effectively as a result.