Management and follow up of results


The Directorate-General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD) follows up development results on several levels. In the DGD bilateral partner countries, Belgian cooperation subscribes to the results’ frameworks of the partner countries themselves. Often, the results are followed up as part of sectoral or thematic platforms consisting of several donors and the partner country. For the donor community, these types of forums are also a good place to conduct a technical and political dialogue with the partner based on the results achieved.

The DGD also follows up the results of initiatives by its Belgian partners. Intermediate assessments are used to examine whether the proposed results will be achieved as well as to learn lessons, possibly with a view to a new phase or new initiative. Assessments performed at the end of an initiative are used to account for the results achieved.

As regards multilateral cooperation, Belgium is part of the MOPAN network, whose members also include sixteen other donor countries. Every year, MOPAN screens several multilateral organisations for organisational effectiveness. The reports published by MOPAN allow Belgium to enter into dialogue with multilateral partners and strive to improve these institutions’ operations.