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The Special Evaluation Office (SEO) carries out evaluations alone or together with other donors, depending on the object of the evaluation.

The SEO carries out its duties in accordance with the principles and standards of the DAC to guarantee high quality evaluations. It defines the evaluation’s scope, draws up the tender documents, and guarantees the evaluation process’s quality control.

The SEO uses external consultants to carry out the evaluations. They are recruited by public tenders for a limited period and their independence and competence guarantee the credibility of the evaluations.

For each evaluation, the Service also sets up a steering committee of experts and representatives of the different stakeholders involved in the evaluation. This participative process helps to raise awareness of the services involved in the evaluation process.

The SEO redefined its evaluation policy in 2014. The SEO is primarily interested in the results and impact of Belgian cooperation in the South. In addition, it harmonises the internal evaluation systems of the Belgian cooperation stakeholders with reference to international standards and certifies these systems. The SEO’s evaluation policy is available in French or in Dutch on this website.